Employees case studies

Oliver Brand

Oliver Brand has worked for IBM for the past eleven years and after working all over the UK, he finally moved home to Cornwall in 2009. Oliver says:

'As the only Cornish home worker for IBM, I rely heavily on my internet connection. I work with IBMers located all over the UK and India and a good connection really improves the quality of video conferencing, net meeting sessions and collaboration tools that I use, allowing me to spend less time and money travelling and more time with my family.

Working as if in a city office

'It's amazing to think I can be in my rural home with this connection and work as if in the middle of a bustling city office. It is a trend I can only see increasing as more businesses realise the benefits to both employer and employee.

'Connecting to superfast broadband means that everything will be quicker! Currently if my wife and I are both online - I might be downloading files and she might be watching a TV programme on iPlayer - the whole lot slows down. With higher bandwidth we won't fight over the connection!"

Oliver doesn't only work from home, he is also an avid online gamer. He looks forward to getting online thanks to superfast broadband as he says: 'I can't wait for a reliable connection for Gran Turismo 5, as the response times will be epic with fibre. It's also in 3D so all I need now is a 3D TV and I'm away!'

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