Would you like flexible working from home at least some of the time? Or work different hours that tie in better with your other responsibilities?

As well as improving your work- life balance, it has been proven that flexible working means that you are likely to show increasing productivity. So flexible working can be a real win-win for both you and your employer.

With superfast broadband, flexible working is even easier than ever, as you can work just as effectively from home as from the office.

But it's not all plain sailing and there are some hurdles to be overcome before starting flexible working or teleworking.. This includes convincing your employer, finding new ways to keep communication channels open and dealing with possible feelings of isolation as a result of remote working.

This website includes vital info to help you enjoy the advantages of flexible working , be it through telework, mobile working or a different way of working such as compressed hours, monthly hours or annualised hours.

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