Your flexible working journey

Introducing flexible working can be broken down into four different stages. For each of these stages a checklist is provided to guide you through.

Costing & justifying flexible working - Checklist

The first stage is identifying why you want to do flexible working or teleworking and doing your best to calculate the likely cost. It may be so you can improve work life balance or you may be interested in increasing productivity. The checklist will allow you to work out whether you can afford to introduce flexible working and whether you still want to go ahead. At this stage, if you are not the decision maker, you will need to engage with the senior management of your company to get their agreement and commitment to flexible working. Click here

Planning flexible working - Checklist

Having decided to go ahead with flexible working or teleworking, you now need to plan the introduction of flexible working practices, taking account of the various issues to do with remote working and mobile working.

This includes issues related to HR, flexible working law, technology and also business processes and your business carbon footprint.. You will need to assign roles to those members of the company who will be involved, including a person to champion the project and drive it forward. In planning, you may find that your initial estimates of costs for remote working needs to be revised or that you need to revise your expectations of what can be achieved through working flexibly.

If there are significant revisions, you may even need to revisit the 'Costing & Justifying' stage. Click here

Implementation checklist

Having made your plans, it is now time to implement them! Generally, the better the planning, the less surprises you will have. The checklist can be found under the 'Doing it' menu or click here

Review & improvement checklist

Having implemented flexible working, you should review what you have achieved and identify what is working well and what is not working so well.

You will want to make sure you are getting all the benefits of teleworking. To enjoy all the the advantages of flexible working, you may need to tweak the implementation. You should review your flexible working implementation at regular intervals to ensure all is well. The Checklist can be found under the “Doing it” menu or click here.

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