Technical solutions overview

There is a wide range of technical solutions available to support flexible working and teleworking, increasing productivity and enabling an improved work-life balance. The following are some of the most common ICT solutions employed to enable teleworking and working on the move. With superfast broadband offering a faster and more reliable connection, all of these are now even more effective than before.

Remote working is now a reality as information and office systems can now be accessed securely over broadband or superfast connections via remote computer access in a number of different ways. This includes a virtual private network (VPN ), remote desktop and a terminal server. With remote internet access, your staff can work as efficiently as they could in the office, from wherever they are.

And if your workforce are mobile working, they don’t need a fixed broadband connection for remote access. It depends on what your business requirements are. Mobile technology, BlackBerries, smartphones and WiFi hotspots are all ways of providing remote web access whilst working on the move.

There are plenty of other applications out there that can further help with flexible working and mobile working. These include Google Apps, digital dictation systems and even document scanning and management systems to ‘end the paper trail as well as a range of cloud computing applications that is expanding every day and is bringing affordable cutting edge software within the reach of small businesses.!

Have a look at the ‘Technical details page’ for more details on the teleworking solutions above and others.

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