Thinking of flexible working?

Now that superfast broadband is becoming available to more and more businesses and homes in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, this is the ideal time to think afresh about how your business operates.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to introduce some innovation into the way your business operates. Flexible working is one of the most exciting new opportunities presented by the arrival of superfast broadband.

Superfast broadband makes flexible working easier than ever before, but many employers in Cornwall and elsewhere have still derived great benefits from flexible working, even with ordinary broadband connections. So if you do not have superfast broadband yet, it is still time to start to think about flexible working.

As an employer, you want to know how introducing teleworking and other flexible working practices will benefit your business. There is growing evidence that flexible working has a big role to play in increasing productivity, improving business performance and competitiveness of small and medium sized businesses, as well as work life balance.

In this section of the flexible working toolkit, you can find a summary of the advantages of flexible working. There are also recent case studies from businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly showing how remote working and mobile working is improving personal productivity.

So you can look at the advantages of flexible working as a whole, this section also covers the other issues you will want to be aware of whilst you are thinking about the possible benefits to your business. This includes how you can use superfast broadband, remote internet access and other technology to enable flexible working, flexible working regulations and an overview of the process of introducing teleworking and flexible working

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