What is flexible working?

Flexible working and teleworking means you need to think again about the way you and your staff work to make the most of ICT to achieve work life balance and increasing productivity.

With superfast broadband, it is easier than ever to achieve the many benefits of flexible working,

Flexible working can happen in many different ways. It could include using superfast broadband to work from home or to work remotely, while out and about.

At a very simple level, examples of flexible working could include:

  • make more use of teleconferencing and telecommuting rather than spending time and money travelling to meetings. This enables you to avoid congestion and reduce travel whilst improving employee productivity. With superfast broadband, your staff can use Skype or video conferencing to have face to face meetings in real time with clients or colleagues hundreds or thousands of miles away. Your staff can also use cloud computing applications, such as Huddle, to collaborate and look at shared files together online, whilst discussing them and working on them as a team.
  • let your staff carry out some of their work from home rather than travel into the office every day - improving personal productivity and work life balance. With superfast broadband, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will be more stable and so it is straightforward and secure for your staff to connect to the office files and work just as effectively as if they were in the office.
  • have a more flexible approach to when work is done. Perhaps it would suit some of your staff and the business better if some of the work were carried out in the early morning, in the evening or at weekends, improving personal productivity. With superfast broadband, the boundaries between work time and leisure time can begin to disappear as superfast broadband enables people to carry out more online all at the same time.

Some businesses will want to invest in technology to gain further advantages of flexible working and really make the most of superfast broadband. Examples include:

  • install a Virtual Private Network to enable remote working . Then your staff can all work from home just as if they are in the office, enjoying remote access
  • supply staff with wireless enabled devices so they can carry out mobile working, using superfast broadband hotspots as they travel around and so improving personal productivity
  • have staff working from a number of different locations around the UK - or even around the globe - connected together by superfast broadband
  • use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony to save on the costs of calls between remote working employees and the office. Enjoy the benefits of receiving your calls on one number - no matter where you are!
  • Or use other technology like a terminal server or remote desktop

Some businesses even decide they no longer need an office at all - with huge cost savings!

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